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BSB, McFly, SS501, Suju, Infinite, Hoyaholic ©, B.A.P, & Seohyun.On Dec 5th, Infinite H’s cute maknae Hoya confessed to me. Medical School student, surgeon to be.

TASP’s angelic mastermind and main dancer, Susu.

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Q: What’s the biggest goal you want to achieve?

#every single one of these answers tells SO MUCH about the member saying it #sometimes I realise #that I’ve come to a point with this group #that whenever I read these kind of interviews when every member answers the same question #I feel like ‘of course he would answer like that’ or ‘yes that really sounds like him’ #like #sj is down to earth and mature and doesn’t set his goals too high #he wants to have a good carreer and make his fans happy #wh plans for the near future #he may have the romantic~ image but he’s one of the most realistic and smart in the group #dw is the best son ever and he always thinks about his parents (AND THAT BREAKS MY HEART) #hw is the definition of bold and will always aim for the highest goal #(and maybe that will get to his head and he’ll need someone to call him out on it) #(and he’ll understand and change his attitude because he’s proud but not stupid) #sy wants to be loved #he wants it because he doesn’t feel loved enough and he wants it because he just really likes being loved (and who doesn’t?) #sg is usually confident but he can be really hard on himself sometimes #he blames his mistakes on himself (and maybe not only his but the group’s too - because he’s the leader and that’s HIS responsibility) #but he’s very hardworking and will try his best to fix them #ms is simply the preciousest boy ever #he doesn’t give himself a goal (he doesn’t give himself limits too in a way?) #he just says ‘I want this’ and that’s so childish (in the best way possible) and so damn PRECIOUS #don’t look at me I’m a mess right now #this group is the best group  (via howonnies)


pigeonkim replied to your post:pigeonkim replied to your post:pigeonkim replied…

I feel you, girl. I have a REALLY cute gif of him eating but Tumblr is protesting love for Hoya as well.

the amount of cuteness i have of that big baby panda is ridiculous.

and yet, he insists he’s not cute.



Do you ever have that moment when a kid is looking at you and you realize that they’re looking at you as a grown up? Then its like no child im a children too, dont. Im sorry my outward appearance confuses you.




Should it be like this? These are just a few examples of replies we have gotten to the opinions/confessions we have posted. We, the admins, do not mind these comments, they don’t affects us but we think that they’re horrible. This blog was made so that people could share their UNPOPULARKPOP opinions, but also positive ones. Therefor you have to realize that when you enter this blog you will probably see not-so-nice confessions/opinions, but, we don’t think that gives you the right to act like you do. We’re now speaking to those of you who reply to opinions/confessions in a way that could be seen as bullying. You’re practically telling someone that their opinion is wrong just because you think so - and on top of that you add many horrible words. Just because someone states a opinion you don’t agree with - and talk bad about your favorite idols/biases/groups you have no right in the world to say something like that to another human being. You may think that the confessor is a idiot and hate her/him for their opinion, but there is no reason to lash out like those on the examples above.You can state your own opinion about the issue without telling the other person how “wrong” he/she is and how “stupid/idiotic” he/she is. We should treat each other with respect and accept that we all think differently. On this blog there is for example two admins, me myself, and another one who have completly different thoughts about one idol, one of us loves her and one of us don’t - and we talk about her together, but we don’t run around telling each other that the other one sucks, or that the other one should just disapear and so on so forth - we respect each others opinions.

Most of the admins on this blog have reacted to the increase of these replies lately. We just want to tell you that please, please think before you write a reply to a opinion/confession - and please think before you submit a opinion/confession. It’s kind of sad going through the replies to our posts and seeing some anon getting death threatened or someone being called a bitch. It’s sad. We all have different opinions and we just have to live with that - and if you don’t agree, fine, you can say that but use the right language. Of course there are those you who reply with some common sense, those of you who states your opinions, even though you disagree with the post, in a respectful way with some manners.

We know that it can be hard to just ignore someone when they talk bad about your bias but sometimes that’s the best. If you really feel the need to say something, say it nicely. Be the better person.

We as admins can’t change the way you guys act, so therefor we just want to ask you to think a little before you reply/submit something. 
Love, main admin simplywookie and admin ziahcoe.


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Is anyone ever okay when it comes to Lee Howon? That’s the real question.

scientifically, they would be totally abnormal if they could withstand him.

really, look at him eating so cutely. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??


pigeonkim replied to your post:I love your picture! :) your so pretty! Work it! 💁And Hoya is so hot! 😍

You just gotta use the gif that shows off that jawline and make me tear up a little because he’s just perfect ; u ;

don’t forget the way his mouth opens slightly and how his yummy neck shows.

i’m not ok.

awesomeinpink said: I love your picture! :) your so pretty! Work it! 💁And Hoya is so hot! 😍

awwww sweetheart thank you! you’re pretty yourself!

and yes, Lee Howon is too hot that pictures and words can’t do him justice



Every kid should be this appreciative


Every kid should be this appreciative




so basically when you have your period and your lower back hurts it is because your hips are contracting and spreading apart, only slightly, to make room for the release of the blood and linings of your uterus. so basically your body is going through a small and mild labor to push out the dead insides of your uterus. so basically I have gone through labor and basically I don’t want children. 

why aren’t we taught this shit